Friday, 27 April 2018

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Nepalese Food in Singapore

It is a good idea to try the Nepalese food before actually traveling Nepal. In Singapore, there are few Nepalese restaurants operated by Nepali owner.

Flying to Nepal

There is the significant increase in Air traffic inbound to Nepal in recent years. For travelers traveling from Asia Pacific (Southeast Asia) there are few choices. Flying from Singapore – You can fly to Nepal’s capital Kathmandu directly from Singapore by flying Silk Air (A subsidiary airline of Singapore Air)…

Hotel Industry

Growing Global Luxury Hotel Brands in Nepal Nepal has seen the significant number of global luxury brands of the hotel chain in Nepal. By the year 2020, there will be more than twenty 5 Start international chain hotels.

Visa to Nepal

30 days visit visa with fee USD$30 Visa to travel & visit Nepal from Singapore can be obtained in two ways. First way – Upon arrival at the port of entry, like the airport (Tribhuvan International Airport, only international airport) and immigration checkpoints at the border with India or China. Second…

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