Singapore Enterprises, established in the year 1995 A.D, mainly focused for Gurung, Magar and Mongolian Community dresses as well as imported goods for their requirements. With 10 years long experience, it has already established as one of the popular shopping center in Nepal. The newly opened shopping center at Metro Plaza, New Road Khichapokhari provides all kinds of ready made garments for all generation imported from various country.

Singapore Enterprises is not just a profit orinted business company, it also involved in social work through a program "VILLAGE TO VILLAGE COMPUTER EDUCATION & HEALTH SERVICE NEPAL". Gopal K.C founder chairman of this organization independently funding fund for rural areas community for computer education and health service related works.
Organic cotton, however, reduces pesticide damage to the environment and the farmers and leads to more socially responsible production. The farmers benefit from a stable income, and better health. The end result for you is that you get goods free from harmful and often banned pesticide residues, and other concoctions of heavy metals used in the dying process such as Cadmium and Chrome; better for your health and everyone else involved. They are mainly used for organic cotton clothing like organic cotton baby clothing and organic cotton t-shirts. Keep chemicals away and use organic Products.
Singapore Enterprises